He Walks Alone

In a 23rd century world where robotic “sentients” struggle for rights, a sentient gumshoe must save a mob boss’ daughter from a rival crime lord while avoiding destruction by both sides.

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I, Sentient

In the gritty Martian city of Mariner, Vox is part of a rising tide of robots who have become self-aware, passed a Sentience Test, and received a registration code from Government that entitles them to right-to-life, with more future rights promised.


Like many robots, he lives in a government-subsidized tenement. While many other robots struggle to find labor jobs, Vox — a voracious reader of gumshoe mysteries á la Raymond Chandler — has earned a small reputation solving local crimes for free.

The Job

When Mariner crime boss Thaddeus Cane “hires” Vox (against his will) to find his abducted daughter, Vox finds himself in the crosshairs of a number of powerful forces who would love to see him dead.

Into the Sub-City

He travels deep into the Sub-City in search of Norella, and to answer the question: Why was she abducted? And what does it have to do with the future of The Scrapes?